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Preparing to Sell Your Home

Your home is your castle. Most people think their home is perfect the way it is. However, when you get ready to sell your home, you need to focus your attention on what prospective buyers look for.

Remember: Your home is on display, and needs to smile and greet buyers with a warm hello!

  • The interior and exterior paint should be fresh and a neutral color suitable for most people.

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    • Interior

      Clean your home from top to bottom. That includes walls, floors, furniture, counters, etc.

    • Exterior

      Clean any mold, dirt, or cobwebs that may be on shutters, windows, window boxes, siding, and overhangs.

    • Appliances

      Make sure your stove, oven, dishwasher, and other appliances are clean and shiny. If an appliance is too outdated it’s a good idea to update and it just may pay for itself ten-fold.

    • The Front Door

      The front door is the first thing potential buyers see. Make sure the door, doorknob, and knocker are clean. Repainting a worn door can also add to a house’s appeal.

    • The bottom line:

      If your home isn’t clean buyers may think you have not maintained and taken care of the home- And that means they will be willing to pay less.

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    • Buyers like Light and Airy Rooms

      Replace lower wattage bulbs with higher ones to light up the room and all its wonderful features. Remove or tie back heavy drapes to play up a window and let light in.

    • Clean any dirty windows to enhance the view.

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    • Remove as much clutter as possible. Clear out closets so they look bigger.
    • Never block a doorway or pathway. You want your home to feel as open and airy as possible.
    • Remove as many pictures from walls and stands as possible. This allows potential buyers to envision the home as their own.

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    • The carpets should be clean and neutral in color. A carpet shampoo may help old, dingy carpets appear fresh and new.
    • Have hard floor surfaces clean and shiny. You may want to wax your floor to give it that new, sparkling appearance.

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    • Fix any small problems you forgot to get to. This could include loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, etc.

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The Yard

    • Mow the lawn and trim any bushes. A nicely manicured garden can also be a selling point. Be sure to sweep the driveway or walkway and neatly store away bicycles, lawnmowers, etc.

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